Qualified Parking and Transit Plans

Built for Restaurant & Hospitality Employers

Get the right plan for your business:

• Qualified Transportation Program (QTP)
• Qualified Parking Program (QPP)
• Commuter Reimbursement Plan (CRP)

Hero automates the steps from start to finish:

• Simple to connect your payroll system
• Hero notifies employees to enroll in English & Spanish
• Compliant with local and state Commuter Ordinances

No out-of-pocket cost for your business!

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[Hero] connects to the payrolls of participating employers in a process that takes less than 15 minutes

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How Hero Works:


Set up plans and employer accounts in Hero.


Connect Hero to your Payroll to get employee contact info automatically.


Employees get welcome emails in English and Spanish.


Employees get limited debit cards to spend plan funds on eligible expenses


Instant Compliance and Employee Engagement!

Simple signup for hourly,
frontline workers.

Pretax Hero is built for hospitality workers.

2-minute signup

Employees sign up on their phone, from an email or QR code.

Se habla español

Hero is bilingual, just like your staff

No Saving Receipts
or Filing Claims

Employees get a spending card with your business' qualified plan funds,
not their personal money

Common questions

How does Hero make money?

Your business gets a small tax savings to cover the costs of offering qualified transit and parking plans. Hero takes this savings as our only fee. There's no setup or per-employee-per-month fees. You're always compliant and never out-of-pocket.

Are employees spending their own money?

Employees spend your company's funds, through your Qualified Plans, up to the plan limit amount per month, on eligible parking and transit expenses. Spending cards have built in limits so employees can't spend more or on anything else.

What makes Hero different?

Hero is built for hospitality workers and their busy HR teams. We know you don't have time to corral all your employees across shifts and locations. With Hero, employees enroll digitally on their phone and get a card to spend on, at no cost to them. Hero manages the plan from enrollment to substantiating expenses and processing claims automatically.

What about a traditional provider?

Legacy providers Those are for office workers. Office workers have the same pay and hours each every two weeks. Legacy providers make you responsible for enrollment, payroll, and employees' questions. Your employees are tipped-wage workers shift workers, workers who work varying hours, and workers living paycheck-to-paycheck.

Where are these plans required?

Cities and states across the country are mandating qualified parking and transit plans.

Inflation is causing the cost to ride transit and pay to park to rise. The cost of downtown parking is rising all over America. Local transit systems have lost office worker riders and these plans encourage location-based, non-virtual workers to ride to work and make up for those shortfalls.

Washington DC, San Francisco Bay Area, New York City, Seattle, Los Angeles, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and in 2024 Illinois all have mandates. Several more states are considering passing a mandate in their upcoming legislative sessions.

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